10 LGBTQIA+ Artists we’re Obsessed with in 2020

If you’ve ever taken an introductory art history course, you know the drill. Memorization of titles, periods, artists, and dates. If you’re anything like me, the monotony of learning the difference between quite similar paintings from the Italian Renaissance makes your brain numb. However, if you get lucky, sometimes your professors will spill the teaContinue reading “10 LGBTQIA+ Artists we’re Obsessed with in 2020”

10 LGBTQIA+ Poets To Read Even After Pride

This week, we turned our calendars to July, officially placing Pride month in our archives. But, our pride does not have to be over. I have compiled a list of ten contemporary poets who identify as LGBTQIA+ with recent poetry that speaks on behalf of their experiences. 1. Billie R. Tadros Billie R. Tadros receivedContinue reading “10 LGBTQIA+ Poets To Read Even After Pride”