My Mother, Death Artist by Cassidy Schoenfelder (CW)

CW: death, suicide, loss, self harm It all starts and maybe ends with this bag of medicine. Maroon fabric with a light beige handle— my dad’s. Did she know what she was looking for? Did she sift through the bag and grab a single bottle like a little kid in a candy store, beelining forContinue reading “My Mother, Death Artist by Cassidy Schoenfelder (CW)”

“Saint Wojnarowicz” by Brandon Sward

When I was little, I used to steal communion from church. I didn’t break in or anything, I just palmed the thin wafer rather than swallowing it. To this day I’m not entirely sure why I did it. Perhaps I wanted to examine it, the beating heart of Catholicism, without the pomp and circumstance ofContinue reading ““Saint Wojnarowicz” by Brandon Sward”

Meet Pujita Ravichandar

Age: 21 Where do you live? St. Louis, Missouri, but I’m moving to New York City soon (on September 1st). Where did you go to school/what are your education plans? I just graduated this May with a Bachelor of Science in Physics from Truman State University and am now attending graduate school to pursue a Master of Science in Data AnalyticsContinue reading “Meet Pujita Ravichandar”