Talking Photography, COVID, & Coffee with Kalven Duncan

Where are you from? Born and raised, St. Louis suburbs—Jefferson County (Pevely, MO) Age: 23 Pronouns: he/him  What media do you primarily work in? Photography and Portraiture Talk us through your art-making process? What’s first? How do you decide what to make? Do you edit your images? What’s first… I am not sure there isContinue reading “Talking Photography, COVID, & Coffee with Kalven Duncan”

z o o m by Robin Lütolf

Happy Friday everyone! Last week we released the first volume of hazel—check it out if you haven’t—and this week we’re back with our regularly scheduled Friday blogs. Starting this week we are featuring artists, writers, and other creatives on the blog. First up, is Robin Lütolf’s z o o m. Check out his ideas ofContinue reading “z o o m by Robin Lütolf”