My Mother, Death Artist by Cassidy Schoenfelder (CW)

CW: death, suicide, loss, self harm It all starts and maybe ends with this bag of medicine. Maroon fabric with a light beige handle— my dad’s. Did she know what she was looking for? Did she sift through the bag and grab a single bottle like a little kid in a candy store, beelining forContinue reading “My Mother, Death Artist by Cassidy Schoenfelder (CW)”

“Saint Wojnarowicz” by Brandon Sward

When I was little, I used to steal communion from church. I didn’t break in or anything, I just palmed the thin wafer rather than swallowing it. To this day I’m not entirely sure why I did it. Perhaps I wanted to examine it, the beating heart of Catholicism, without the pomp and circumstance ofContinue reading ““Saint Wojnarowicz” by Brandon Sward”

Talking Photography, COVID, & Coffee with Kalven Duncan

Where are you from? Born and raised, St. Louis suburbs—Jefferson County (Pevely, MO) Age: 23 Pronouns: he/him  What media do you primarily work in? Photography and Portraiture Talk us through your art-making process? What’s first? How do you decide what to make? Do you edit your images? What’s first… I am not sure there isContinue reading “Talking Photography, COVID, & Coffee with Kalven Duncan”

Meet Pujita Ravichandar

Age: 21 Where do you live? St. Louis, Missouri, but I’m moving to New York City soon (on September 1st). Where did you go to school/what are your education plans? I just graduated this May with a Bachelor of Science in Physics from Truman State University and am now attending graduate school to pursue a Master of Science in Data AnalyticsContinue reading “Meet Pujita Ravichandar”

z o o m by Robin Lütolf

Happy Friday everyone! Last week we released the first volume of hazel—check it out if you haven’t—and this week we’re back with our regularly scheduled Friday blogs. Starting this week we are featuring artists, writers, and other creatives on the blog. First up, is Robin Lütolf’s z o o m. Check out his ideas ofContinue reading “z o o m by Robin Lütolf”

10 LGBTQIA+ Artists we’re Obsessed with in 2020

If you’ve ever taken an introductory art history course, you know the drill. Memorization of titles, periods, artists, and dates. If you’re anything like me, the monotony of learning the difference between quite similar paintings from the Italian Renaissance makes your brain numb. However, if you get lucky, sometimes your professors will spill the teaContinue reading “10 LGBTQIA+ Artists we’re Obsessed with in 2020”

“Reading Widely:”In Defense of Contemporary Literature

“How should you read? What should the diet of your reading be? Read the best writers from all different periods; keep your reading of contemporaries in proportion—you do not want a steady diet of contemporary literature. You already belong to your time.”