Get to Know Us: Danie Edition

Get to Know Us is a series on our blog that introduces you to our editors. We hope to shed light on who we are and what we do outside of hazel. Today, Co-Editor-in-Chief, Danie shares about her first museum experience and where she is at on her journey in the art world. 

The first art museum I ever toured was the Louvre in Paris when I was eighteen. 

I didn’t go into the gallery willingly—only to escape the rain. I remember being thankful that I wasn’t outdoors in a springtime torrential downpour, but I do remember being bored and not enjoying the art, the crowds, or anything else. I had little art history knowledge at this point in my life and it hardly registered to me that I was seeing masterpieces. Countless marble sculptures stood before me and I felt nothing. Even worse, I stood in front of The Raft of the Medusa and Liberty Leading the People and was so ready to go back to our hostel and sleep off of my jet lag. 

Until my sophomore year of college I didn’t think about my time spent in the Louvre. I enrolled in an art history course to fulfill a general education requirement and suddenly I was engrossed. Our professor was telling us stories about the artist, their lives, and how all of this came together to create pieces of art that were hanging in museums all over the world–including the only museum I had ever been to. 

I studied so hard for this class simply because I loved it. Piecing together seemingly random facts to create a somewhat cohesive narrative of art that connected works of art from way back in time to present day felt so special to me. I changed my major to art history and continued to read as much as I could about art. 

Now, I’m in the second year of a master’s program. I’m still studying art history, specifically modern artists and their association with global ecological movements. Something that I love about art history is how the field can be integrated into any scholarly study. I have friends who are studying art and feminism. Other friends investigate art history and religion. Literature, law, geography, basically anything can be combined with art history and that’s why I love it so much. Simply, you’ll never get bored. 

Outside of art history, I dabble in film photography. I’ve had an AE-1 for about five years and I find myself in spurts of creativity. I love shooting portraits and anything that helps me document my life. Most of my photos are just for me and I don’t necessarily care to share them with the world. 

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